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    Hi everyone , Im brand new to this and excited about the prospect of talkin to other people who may be able to help me tailor the best possible trip across this great region.I would like to know if you can rent rv in Denver and drop it off in Reno .Is it possible to enjoy Rockys,Monument,Grand Canyon ,Vegas3 nights,Death valley, Yosemite ,and Tahoe in 3 weeks without rushing everywhere or am i dreaming and need longer. Has anyone done this section or similar .Preferably like to not drive more than 4 hours a day. Can you put pushbikes (4) on back of rv. Well this is astart to my planning and i really hope to get feedback THANKS PAUL . ps. 2adults 2kids 10 & 8.

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    Default A great trip !

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    For a one way drop off you will have to check with each of the main company's but Cruise America has a depot in both, Denver and Reno. The same goes for the bikes, some offices have them to rent or can put you in touch with a renter of them, although I don't know if that would work on a one way trip.

    With 3 weeks you have a nice amount of time to complete your trip and it should be quite relaxed. Travelling in Spring could have a couple of disruptions due to snow on the high ground. This would be mainly in the Rockies and the Tioga pass [120] into Yosemite from Death valley, it can be closed untill late May- mid June. Although with your time it is easy enough to head around the South of the Sierra range through Bakersfield and up to Yosemite. You will find the National parks find a park a useful tool and as you will discover there are many more to see between Denver and Vegas. Depending upon route, Black canyon, Colorado NM, Arches, Mesa Verde, Canyon De Chelley, Capitol reef, Bryce canyon and Zion are all worth checking out. If you are planning to visit a few parks [4 or more] then the annual pass for $80 is better value. This won't include camping fees but the NP's campgrounds are good value and in the most wonderful settings. We head out from Denver in Sept but if you have a little time our San Francisco trip included Yosemite, Grand canyon and other parks I mentioned and will give you an insight into RV lifestyle.

    When you have done a little more research [use the search button to find your way around the forums and road trip planning pages] and start laying out a basic plan let us know and we can help you join the dots and piece it together.

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    Thanks for that. i will do plenty of reading and planning and post back here if needing more advice. When you mentioned snow would it be powder and snow fall or mainly ice ?.is it relatively safe driving an rv in these conditions.Thanks.

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    Default It'll be fine.

    The roads I mentioned will be an accumulation of winter snows and before anyone can travel them will be completely plowed and cleared or else they remain closed so you won't have any safety issues in that respect.

    When are you travelling ?

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    Hi Paul
    Can this be done in 3 weeks you're asking. With an RV. Well let's see:
    Day 1: Arrive Denver
    Day 2: P/u RV. Get your instructions and drive a couple of hours.
    Day 3: To Moab for Canyonlands NP and Arches NP among many more things
    Day 4 and 5: Same
    Day 6: To Monument Valley
    Day 7: To Page for Antelope Canyon, Horseshoebend Overlook, Glen Canyon Dam. Colorado River raft
    Day 8: Page
    Day 9: Page-Grand Canyon NP South rim
    Day 10: GCNP
    Day 11: To Las Vegas (5 hours..)
    Day 12: Las Vegas
    Day 13: Las Vegas
    Day 14: Las Vegas to Death Valley (restrictions to drive in summer with an RV by the rentalcies)
    Day 15: Death Valley-Lone Pine-Bishop. (If Tioga Pass is open)
    Day 16: Bishop-Yosemite (If Tioga Pass is open)
    Day 17 and 18: Yosemite NP.
    Day 19: Yosemite NP-Lake Tahoe
    Day 20: Tahoe
    Day 21: Reno, deliver RV
    Day 22: Home planning your next trip.
    So the answer is: YES
    This is just one of the many possibilities and countless other options but it's great itinerary and no more driving than 4-5 hours per day maximum.

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