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  1. Default Denver - Vegas - LA - Denver in 14 Days - Help!!!

    Hi All

    I am planning a 2 week trip with my boyfriend from Denver to LA and back again via Vegas and all the sights we can fit in inbetween. There is so much info and I just don't really know where to start which is starting to freak me out as we are leaving in 2 weeks!!

    So far this is what I was thinking:

    Day 1 Denver - Moab
    Day 2 Moab - Arches - Monument Valley
    Day 3 Monument Valley - Grand Canyon
    Day 4 Grand Canyon - Vegas
    Day 5 Vegas
    Day 6 Vegas
    Day 7 Vegas
    Day 8 Vegas - LA
    Day 9 LA
    Day 10 LA
    Day 11 Start the long journey back!!

    The thing is I don't really want to go back on ourselves but also would be nice to stop off and do some sight seeing on the way back too. So any advice on a fun but reasonably fast route back to Denver would be greatly appreciated!!

    Is this all trying to fit too much in and does anyone have any advice on what to spender a shorter or longer time on. This is our first trip to the states and we just want a mix between scenery and outdoor type activities, some relaxation and exploring of the cities.

    Thanks so much in advance for any info you may have!! Am so excited!!


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    Default One of many possibility's

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    You could stick to I-70 and I-15 to Vegas on the way out visiting Moab/Arches,Colorado NM near Grand junction and even Zion NP on the 89 between I-70 and I-15 would be possible, and then on the way back head to I-40 and the Grand canyon and on through Monument valley. After MV you would have the option of heading back to I-70 via Moab or you could head for Durango and up the "Million dollar highway [550] to Montrose and then East on 50 past the Black canyon of the Gunnison. That's the way I would go but with a day less in Vegas as you are going to get pushed on time.
    You could of course do this either way around.

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