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    Next summer we're travelling from Atlanta to Denver one way over a 9-11 days span and we would appreciate any and all advice from you great people. The only place we definitely want to vist is the Grand Canyon (out of the way but worth it). We're planning on a combination of camping, hotels and possibly hostels. We're pretty open/flexible to just about anything as long as its fun. Cool attractions, activities, eateries, camp sites, towns, all is welcome. Thanks for the help and happy travels.

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    Well, there's certainly a lot to see along the roads you'll be traveling. Unfortunately, even if you take ten days for the trip, you're going to have to average around 400 miles a day, so you won't have a lot of time to spend at stops. But still, you can spend a few hours each day seeing the major site en route. Besides the Grand Canyon, you should probably be looking at Hot Springs National Park, the Oklahoma City Memorial, Petroglyph National Monument, Petrified Forest National Park, Arches National Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, Old Fort Hays, Truman's Home, and the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial.


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    Hi! I just found your post & we are planning the same thing! Actually heading from Atlanta to Keystone Colo. I also want to go to the GC. Just not sure if we should go b4 or after Colo. trying to decide between rt 70 & 40 for the way out or back as we will most likely take each route 1 way. I'm just starting the initial planning. We would like to camp yet I'm not sure how much time setting up and breaking down would require so still deciding on hotel vs camping. I would love to share ideas with you on points of interest. Our kids will be 14,13,10 & 2 next summer so we need definite "fun & interesting" stops along the way. I guess the first stage is to figure how many days, how long in colo & how many days back & then look into points of interest along the route. Please feel free to share any & all idea's.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Camping can be a great way to save money while traveling, and also "forces" you to get out and be active after a long day in the car, instead of heading right for a motel room tv.

    The set-up/take down time depends upon your equipment and experience. 30 minutes on each end is probably a good average, but I can take down a simple set up in under 10 if I'm in a hurry.

    I would say that if you've never camped, then doing it on a major roadtrip isn't the best time to get your first experience. It would make a lot of sense to take a weekend out at a local park and try it first. That will let you know what will work for you, and what things you'll really need, and what you can leave home.

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