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    Hey there folks!

    My friend and I are planning the ultimate road trip, but we need some help getting started. On May 17, we will be graduating from Denison University in Granville,Oh and plan on departing on a three week long road trip that will cover nearly all four corners of the U.S.

    At this point we would love some advice from veteran road-trippers seeing as this is our first 'real' time going out alone. The title of the thread is the intended order of our destinations, we are realists though and realize we probably wont be able to hit all of those stops. If you have suggestions as to the route we should take and possibly where to stay - we want to keep it cheap by camping - we would love your help.

    I know out trip sounds ambitious but we're graduating college! and we want to make the most of this opportunity before we have to get a job and enter the real world. Please help us succeed in what will hopefully be one of the most memorable trips of a lifetime! Thanks a lot.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I really don't think there is anyway you could fit all of those cities or any 4 corners of the US into just 3 weeks, unless you were just driving all day every day. Throw in some of the zig-zagging, of going down to LA and Albq, back up to Denver, and then back down to Texas, you're just putting on so many miles that you won't have time to stop. Put simply, it takes about a week to drive coast to coast each way, and another 2-3 days to go north south, and that's if you spend all of your time on the freeway.

    3 weeks is a great amount of time, and certainly you can cover a lot with that time, but I think you'll be better off focusing things a little more. I'd pick some areas that you really want to focus on, be it California and Oregon, or the Rocky Mountains, or Texas and the South, and enjoy that time. Personally, if you're based in Ohio, I'd focus on the west, as you can pretty easily travel to places like Austin or Atlanta if you have a few days to a week at a future point.

    While the end of college trip is a great reason to hit the road, you don't have to treat it as your only chance to travel where you have to see everything.

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