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  1. Default Help us in planning a road trip from Atlanta to Atlanta! in 3months?

    Hi I am from INDIA and never been to USA, Me and my friend are coming to USA on 15th april 2009 for 4months on B-1 visa. We are planning a road trip from Atlanta to Atlanta! in 3months details below :-)

    -Atlanta to NY,
    -NY to Montreal,
    -Montreal to Toronto
    -Toronto to Detroit
    -Detroit to Chicago
    -Chicago to San Francisco
    -San Francisco to LA
    -LA to Las Vegas
    -Las Vegas to phoenix
    -Phoenix to Huston
    -Huston to New Orleans
    -New Orleans to Miami
    -Miami to Orlando
    -Orlando to Atlanta

    Reason for Moving in usa by road is to know the country better and have a good adventure. Pl advice:-
    *best road/route
    *best car, car rental.
    *best stay/eating idea
    * Do's / Dont's
    * references.

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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    I'm by no means an expert on immigration law, but isn't a B-1 visa a business visa? And if so, are you sure you're going to be able to travel as freely as you wish? I would think you might raise some red flags if you are traveling on a business visa, but plan to spend 3 of your 4 months as a tourist - especially since you'll be planning to cross into Canada and back on your trip. I'd make sure you are completely within the limitations of your visa, so you don't risk being denied entry into the US.

    Otherwise, your trip is really to broad and your questions are really too generic for us to provide much specific help right now. I'd suggest you get a better feel for things simply by looking around this site some more, both at other threads in the forum and the planning section.

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    its already checked, pl dont worry bout the visa!!!! thanx

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