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  1. Default Chicago to Denver routing - thru SD or NE ?

    Hi, we are thinking of doing a roadtrip starting in Chicago and ending in Denver, initially we were thinking of going along the I-80 or the US-20 through Iowa and Nebraska, but now thinking going via the I-90 through Minnesota and South Dakota might be more interesting as it would go past Badlands and Black Hills Forest area. We have 9 days to do this, is it being too ambitious, especially if we want to stop and take in a few sights, rather than just drive and drive? Anyone have preferences as to which route they would take?
    We are then going to fly Denver-San Francisco and spend 10 days driving from SF to Las Vegas, and see a national park along the way.
    Thanks for any advice !

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You can make the trip from Chicago to Denver in as little as 2 full days, so with 10, you've got lots of time, certainly enough to make a detour up to South Dakota if that is someplace that interests you.

    Although I will say I would not recommend planning your trip in segments like you are currently doing, and instead of flying from Denver to SFO, I would skip the flight and the drive back east, and simply drive the entire thing (continuing from Denver to Vegas), and finish in San Francisco. Over 20 days, starting from Chicago, you'd have plenty of time, you'd get to see some of the Rocky Mountains and all of the amazing parks between Denver and Las Vegas, and you'd save yourself a ton of cash by avoiding both the plane tickets and the multiple one way drop off car rental charges.

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    Hi, thanks Midwest Michael for your reply! We wanted to travel across some of the 'Great Plains' (wide open space etc etc), hence either going through South Dakota or Nebraska.
    Thanks again for your reply!

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