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    Hello everyone, I live in Cleveland, Ohio and I am a student at UNLV in Las Vegas. I will be driving my car out there for the Fall semester with a friend of mine. We are leaving Monday August 11th and plan on arriving in Vegas Thursday night August 14th. Each day we are going to drive and then spend the rest of the evening in the city we stop at. Our current plans are....

    Chicago, IL August 11th
    Lincoln, NE August 12th
    Denver, CO August 13th
    Las Vegas, NV August 14th

    I was looking for advice on fun things to do in each of those cities or along the way. We are thinking about seeing baseball games in Chicago and Denver but that could change. It is our first cross country road trip so any advice is welcomed!

    Thank you!

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    Default My best advice for first-timers

    Just go with the flow. Keep your wits about you but don't be paranoid. Enjoy what you see and don't fret about what you missed as you will never have time to do it all. Remember that no road or place is's all a state of mind. If you expect to be bored, you will be. Don't try to drive past fatigue as you become a safety risk to yourself and others.

    Oh, and stay in a motel on the far side of the city you're staying in, i.e. if you're traveling west, you will want a hotel on the far west side of that city. That way you can avoid most, if not all, rush hour problems in the morning.

    Fill a cooler with healthy snacks and water replenished in grocery stores. It's cheaper and keeps you more alert and energetic than heavy, sugary, high-carb snacks/meals.

    Your trip sounds fine until the last leg as it is about 750 miles from Denver to Las Vegas. If there is anyway you can break this up into two days, please do. Green River or Salina, UT, might make good stops on that night. There is a lot to see along this road so rushing it means you will miss some fun things and it will probably push you into that fatigue stage you should avoid. We generally recommend that you not travel over about 500-550 miles per day.

    If you want to do ballgames in Chicago and Denver (have you checked the schedules?), you will really want to get on the road early. You will want to allow plenty of time to get to the stadium, park, etc. in order to catch warm-ups and the first pitch.

    Hope that helps a bit! Keep asking questions while you're planning.

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    Thanks for the advice, we decided to add an overnight stop between Denver and Las Vegas. We have tickets to the White Sox game Monday night waiting for us at Will Call. Do you have any recommendations on hotels to stay in the Chicago area? I have never been there but heard that there are parts of the city that are not safe. Like you mentioned we would stay on the West side of Chicago so we avoid traffic, any advice?

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