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    We are driving from Toronto, Ontario to Denver this July, stopping in Chicago along the way. Would like to make the trip from Chicago to Denver in 2 or 3 days. I-80 seems to be the shortest and most direct route but would appreciate any suggestions and recommendations on where to stop. We have more time on our return drive from Denver to Toronto. Any suggestions on routes to take and/or cities to visit/places to stay?
    Many thanks.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'd agree that I-80 to I-76 is the fastest route between the two cities. The trip can be made in two long days, or three pretty easy ones.

    If you make the trip in 2 days, Omaha would be close to the half way point. If you stretched it into three you'd be looking at Iowa City or Des Moines the first night, with Grand Island, Kearney, or North Platte as second night stops.

    I-80 is kind of the blue collar road of the American Interstates. It doesn't have the history of I-40, or the mountain beauty of I-70, but it is probably the most heavily used cross country route, particularly with truckers. That said, the journey does have its charm. There are plenty of good old fashioned small midwest towns in Iowa and Nebraska, particualrly in Eastern Iowa where the Amana Colonies and the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library are located.

    The route does have some urban charm too. Omaha is a very underrated city with lots of things to do, and the Quad Cities along the Mississippi have a rich history as well.

    Hope this helps you on your way!

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