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    Default Traveling the Entire Country in 37 Days

    well I just wanted to stop by and see what everyone here thought of what we're doing. Right now we're traveling the entire country. Mike started on May 25 and he's been on the road since then.

    He started in Mayfield, OH and now he's just North of Helena, Montana.

    We're very interested to hear everyones input! so please let us know everything you think.

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    Default Day 7 of Road Trip

    Well it appears that any reference to our site that has all the details of the trip gets deleted by an admin thinking that its spam i guess... so I'm just going to update you here as well.

    So far the trip has been amazing.

    yesterday I went to glacier national park.
    From the giant snow covered mountains in the background to the river rapids it was fantastic. I did see a few deer that seemed to have no fear whatsoever of people… or maybe just me I got within just a few feet of them and they kept an eye on me but didn’t run away. Apparently a few years ago there was a large forest fire in Glacier and the damage was still very apparent, however, when I drove through the area where the fire had been I noticed that the forest floor was absolutely covered with new pine tree seedlings.

    Today is going to be a big day since I'm driving to Seattle and then catching the red-eye Fairbanks, Alaska. Of this whole trip there are 3 days that have me a little worried...this is one of them.

    Here are some other pics from the trip so far

    Me not paying attention to the road

    One good thing about Canada...the speed Limit :-)

    Here's a link to their blog if you want to see the current posts.
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    Default The angle!

    While I've been very close to it several times, I've never actually traveled into to Northwest Angle. It is on my list, though.

    Thanks for the update (and, yes your first post did flag some of our anti-spam policies, you should contact Mark if you want more info).

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    Default The planed route

    It had occurred to me that I hadn't posted the route that I'm going to be taking. This is it...later on I'll update this with the actual route taken from my GPS

    (Google Maps (c))
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    Just so you know, unless you were joking, that speed limit is in km/h, so that's 60 mp/h for you. US Interstates speed limit (65-75) are usually higher...

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    Default They were trying to be funny

    That was the gist of my first off-line e-mail memos to them. They assured me they were trying to be funny....


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    That's a lot of traveling for 37 days. I just completed a 24-day trip covering about a fourth of that and could have used more time. You'll really have to do some pushing to cover it all.

    On Interstate 10 across Texas, the speed limit is 80 mph! Not for big trucks, nor for nighttime driving, but 80 mph during daylight hours, which can be quite late (past 9pm) at this time of the year.

    You can't fool us. We know Canadians travel at kph.

    Have a great trip and be safe. Thanks for the pix.
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