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    Justin Scarpelli Guest

    Default cross country

    I need a travel companion badly!! I'm planning on departing from Frostburg, MD and heading along a Northern route toward San Francisco, CA on August 18th. Traveling the 3200miles alone will drive my already crazy gord into further insanity, and plus it will be lonely:( I plan on taking about 2-3 weeks seeing as many cool sites as possible (Glacier, Yellowstone, Mt. Rushmore, Badlands, and any other cool suggestions!) This is going to be a one way trip for me where I eventually hope to end up in Yosemite NP for a while. I'm a 22yr old dude and I'm easy going!

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    gypsy Guest

    Default you'de be surprised!!!

    Hey!!!I just finished driving a HUGE chunk of that route.(new orleans all the way north to south dakota and across to tacoma WA)and that was the return trip.I drove the first 1/2 with some one and the second half alone and you'de be surprised how fun it can can sing as loud (and badly)as you want....pick your nose if it iches...wave at stangers and make up insane stories about why you're on the ..on the run from bounty hunters. but it can get a little lonely.If my funds were in better shape I'de be fully down. but if you taking I-5 south through seattle or tacoma [which i would suggest I90 to I5 is super easy on you car]I'de be more than happy to say wassup?i'm going back on the road in a few months. oh yeah and I'm a 23 y/o,slightly insane,seasoned,slightly limping, rockstar chick with vampiric powers and a lazy eye..j/k at least about the lazy eye........that reminds me another thing the open road is good for.......developing an amusing little imagiation ;p

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    Carl Guest

    Default wassup

    Hey. I'll be traveling alone too. Probably on a similar route. Have fun guys! I hope I do too!

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