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    I'm moving to Cali very soon and have decided to make a roadtrip out of it with some friends. From the research I've already done, it looks like there are two routes to take, I-40 (which is a little longer) and I-80 (a little quicker). I would really appreciate if anyone has any insight on which would be better, easier, or more scenic to take. I'm also looking for fun places to stop (I'm a sucker for cheesy "World's Largest" type things) and a safe place to stay the night.


    *Lansing, MI to San Fransisco, CA*
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    I-80 will be the shortest route, and there are several things that you could stop and see along the way.

    If there is something specific you want to do along I-40, then that would be fine, but it does add 300 miles, which is a good half day more on the road.

    Another option you might consider is going down to I-70, take that across Colorado and Utah, and then take US-50 (the lonliest road) across Nevada.

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