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    I am driving from Michigan to California in the first week of september. I want Mt rushmore and Las Vegas to be on the list of stops. I am leaving Michigan on September 12th and need to be in Vegas late night September 14th ... soooo .............. what can I see on the way there? I am passing through Chicago for sure and for sure going to Mt Rushmore, vegas is down out of the way from my end destination in San Francisco but I have no choice on going there because my wife will be waiting there for me.

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    You are proposing to drive 2300 miles in three days AND stop and see stuff? Sorry, but you really need to scale this back. Even a direct drive from Lansing to Las Vegas is 1950 miles, about the most you can safely cover in three days, again with NO sight-seeing stops.


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    So lets say we bump this to a week drive. Leave Michigan on Monday the 10th. What are we looking at then. There is 3 of us switching off driving so safety is not an issue, we have made long drives before and we rotate sleep and driving with each other.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jsonline2004 is not an issue
    Safety is always an issue. We offer a number of tips on making Speed Runs of the type you describe, and three drivers is sufficient for such endeavors. But note the requirement in the Speed Run method that one of the drivers is always asleep. As soon as you are all up and partying (Chicago) or sight-seeing (Rushmore) you have lost the advantage of multiple drivers and someone would have to drive on less than enough sleep.

    However, if you can add four days to your trip to Las Vegas, then you can make the trip both safely and enjoyably. There is a lot to see and do, besides Mt. Rushmore, in South Dakota. With a week to get to Las Vegas, you could even continue on to Yellowstone, then make a run down US-89 to Salt Lake City, and finish up with visits to Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks.

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