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    Hi Everyone!

    I need to go to a work-related seminar in Anaheim, California in July and my husband and son and I have decided to make it a roadtrip -- I hate flying. This is our first time to California.

    Any suggested route and suggestions on where to stop on the way and what to do when we're in California would be great. We have 17 days total to go and be back on the 17th day.


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    Depending on exactly where you're starting from in Michigan (I'll assume for this discussion that you're a 'troll'), it's roughly a 4 day minimum drive to Anaheim, so with roughly 7 days to make the drive each way, you certainly can see quite a few sights along the way. The first thing I'd suggest is that you look at taking two different routes going west and coming home to maximize the number of places you can visit. Two excellent (but not the only) routes would be 1) I-80/I-70/I-15 and 2) I-55/I-44/I-40/I-15. The first would feature places such as the Oregon Trail, Rocky Mountain National Park, Arches National Park, Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks, and Las Vegas. Highlights of the second route would include St. Louis, the Ozarks, Oklahoma City, Petroglyph National Monument, Petrified Forest National Park, and the Grand Canyon. The two routes are only about 100 miles different in total length and as I said, they're not the only options available. Nor are the lists of possible stops I've given you anything even approaching exhaustive. Get yourselves a good map of the U.S., or better yet - an atlas, and start looking at those routes and what else is along them or how big a detour you're willing to make. Similarly, there is a ton of stuff to do in L.A. including science museums, aquariums, theme parks, the La Brea tar pits, harbor cruises, etc, etc. (I'm planning on taking me grandchildren there in June and I have amassed a list of 33 possibilities from the Aquarium of the Pacific to Zuma Beach. Speaking of which, another good source of hints for everywhere along the way is here


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