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    So we are traveling cross country from CT all they way around making a big loop. We are planning to stop in Las Vegas for a weekend, and I was thinking we should camp because it *should* be cheaper, and because I don't know what we would do with the popup if we stayed in a hotel.

    I am not able to find ANY campgrounds that allow non-RVs besides one KOA that is over 60 bucks a night.

    I was wondering if anyone knew of anywhere else...

    Thank you!

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    wow! You can stay in a hotel cheaper then that! May be more affordable. I got a room at Fitzgerald's for $39 a night.

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    Hello and welcome to RTA !

    The way I see it anyway is, check with a Hotel that they can offer you parking for your pop up, Take a deep breath and cough up $60 to KOA or find somewhere outside of Vegas and travel in. Red rock canyon is near but I think the campground is primitive. Valley of fire State park by Lake Mead is an option but further afield [around 50 miles].
    I just looked on the National recreation site and there are a few listings near to Vegas. On the left of the page in the link click on State and enter Nevada, and then select landmark and Las Vegas for the listings.

    Good luck !

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    The one campground that Dave mentioned, is a bit primitive, but it sure is in a pretty spot and less than 10 minutes from the city.

    If you are just going to be in Las Vegas for the weekend -- I don't see any reason not to boondock in one of the casino lots -- it's free, security is excellent and you can eat in the restaurants and enjoy the area. I'd recommend the South Point parking lot.

    If you do want the amenities of some of the luxury RV campgrounds -- I'm not positive about the current rules for pop-ups at these places -- the one I really like is the Oasis Campground (I-15 and Windmill Road) -- excellent location and nice swimming pools. I' not fond of the KOA RV park at Circus Circus -- but if you want one at a casino -- the one at Sam's Town on the Boulder Strip is very well run and again it offers lots of choices.

    On the other hand, there are deals galore on the strip hotels right now and you can find a place to park your pop-up if you want to go that way.


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    Ou, I am liking the Red Rock Campground. We are used to having no amenities, and 25 minutes isn't too bad. you think they would allow it? If so, that would definitely work out...if we didn't want to drive to Red Rock.

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