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  1. Default LA to San Fran to Vegas to San Diego and back to LA

    Hi all,

    this seems like a very good site for tips on our travels :-)

    We're three guys from Ireland and Germany (29,30 & 39 years old (all single)) planning a roadtrip in California and Nevada.

    We arrive on the 8th of March. Here is our plan. Is it realistic???
    8th LA, arrive at 6:45pm
    9th LA
    10th San Fran (leave LA early morning)
    11th San Fran
    12th Las Vegas & surroundings, (Gran canyon, Hoover dam etc..) (leave San Fran early morning)
    13th Las Vegas& surroundings
    14th Las Vegas& surroundings
    15th Las Vegas& surroundings
    16th Las Vegas& surroundings
    17th Las Vegas& surroundings
    18th Las Vegas& surroundings
    19th Las Vegas& surroundings (leave Las Vegas Early morning)
    20th San Diego
    21st San Diego
    22nd LA (arrive inthe evening)
    23rd: Fly back at 7am

    We would like to:
    1) See some of the beautiful American landscape
    2) Shop in some big outlet stores, which you don't really get in Europe
    3) See some nice sites in the cities
    4) Stay in hotels that are cheap but not nasty :-) approx $100/night
    5) Go out to some cool bars or clubs in the cities

    We're not very organized at the moment (only 17days to go) and my 2 friends have the flu so I'm left with the prep work. Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated.

    Take care,


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    hi there,welcome.
    i'm sure someone with more knowledge than me will be along soon,but a couple of points that stand out to me are :1]rather than going direct from l.a to san fran it maybe worth considering an overnight stop[which would mean one less in vegas]but you would have more time to explore and possibly take the pacific coast hwy and be less rushed.
    2]don't expect to do the grand canyon/hoover dam on the 12th,i would think it's nearly a nine hour haul from san fran to vegas without any stops.a possibility would be to cut up and stop in death valley for the night and then continue to vegas the next day.this would save having to travel back to here on one of your days out from vegas.and it is a place well worth visiting!
    have a great trip!
    p.s. if you have the time i would recommend the alcatraz trip while in frisco and finish up with a meal on pier '39'. bubba gumps is a pretty good "fun" place.
    the buena vista motor inn on lombard street is a well kept reasonably priced hotel which is nicely situated for getting around from.

    from vegas you have death valley that i have already mentioned. 2]zion canyon is well worth a visit and with an early start you could also take in bryce canyon which is a great drive from zion up the mount carmel hwy through the tunnel. 3] on your way to the grand canyon via the hoover dam theres a nice section of the original route '66 with some real quirky towns en route.
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    Default Spread it out.


    I agree with everything Gommy said, with a couple of additions.

    If you are looking for scenery, a trip to South Lake Tahoe and down the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains to Death Valley shows you some of the best California scenery (via Hwy 50 to Tahoe and Hwy 395 to Death Valley). The only concern would be weather in the mountains, but you can make that decision when the time comes. Then shoot straight through to the Grand Canyon before settling in for a few days of relaxation in Las Vegas.

    How about this itinerary

    8th LA, arrive at 6:45pm
    9th LA
    10th Carmel
    11th San Fran
    12th San Fran
    13th Lake Tahoe
    14th Death Valley
    15th Grand Canyon
    16th Grand Canyon
    17th Las Vegas & surroundings
    18th Las Vegas & surroundings
    19th Las Vegas & surroundings
    20th San Diego
    21st San Diego
    22nd LA (arrive inthe evening)
    23rd: Fly back at 7am

    In case you are worried, 3 days and 4 nights in Las Vegas should be sufficient to see the town and some of the best of the surrounding attractions such as Valley of Fire State Park.

    No matter how you cut it up, you'll have a great time,

    Craig Sheumaker
    co-author of the travel guide: America's Living History-The Early Years

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