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  1. Default make reservations or just wing it??

    I'm leaving Seattle on May 25th and heading down the Pacific Coast to Phoenix. I'm traveling with a 16yr old and a medium sized dog.

    I plan on camping during most of the trip (unless its raining). My question is: should I make reservations or just wing it?
    I know there are good points and bad points for each. I don't think I'm traveling during a very busy time so if I wing it, I'm guessing I won't have a hard time finding a campsite or dog friendly hotel room.

    Anyone have any opinions either way? Winging it is taking a chance, but making reservations you are committed to being at a certain place for a certain time.

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    Default Them's the choices !


    There is no right or wrong answer it's just what suits you best. Some people like the freedom of "winging it" and others will prefer the security of knowing that there is a place waiting for them at the end of a day.

    You might find that if you want to visit popular NP's [Grand canyon for example] and camp the night they may be booked up but I am sure you will be able to find somewhere each night.

    If you decide to wing it I would look at places you think you could be staying overnight and find dog friendly hotels and even campgrounds in that area before leaving and make a note of phone numbers so that at least you could call ahead to check availability while on the road.

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