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  1. Default From Colorado to California for a concert

    So Heres the deal. On July 11th of this year there is a concert in california, san bernardino specifically, that I HAVE to go to. I already bought 3 tickets because 2 of my friends are going too. I was planning on using my explorer as transportation, however, when I talked to my mom about it she was opposed to this. She doesn't think that we will be able to make it through the desert in the summer. She is concerned that the vehicle will break down or something. She wants me to fly but 3 people flying is a lore more expensive than 3 taking a road trip. We are college students so money is a huge factor.
    The explorer is a 97, has around 80k miles, and it gets about 300 miles a tank.
    Can anyone give me tips in this situation. Do you think I will have problems getting there or back? Or Will this be too much strain on the explorer?

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    Default Take it to a Mechanic

    I've driven across the desert along the interstates several times with no problems. But, I always take my car to a trusted mechanic before I set out for a once over. If you stick to the interstates there are no places that where you're going to be very far from a gas station.

    What are her major concerns? Is it just motherly worry or is your car in really bad shape or is it the abilities of the drivers?


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    Default protective parents

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    If your explorer is in sound mechanical condition (you'll have to have a professional examine it to know) there is no reason you can't physically make the trip. Thousands of cars drive across the desert every day, and many of them are older and/or have more miles on them that yours does.

    Now, if your mom is using the car as an excuse because she doesn't think you are mature enough to handle a roadtrip on your own, or she just doesn't want her baby to take risks, that's another story...

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    no the car is in good shape and I dont drive bad. I think it's more like she is ignorant because she has never done it and only seen movies where people break down in the desert?
    I don't know how im gonna convince her it's not as bad as it may seem

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    Default Whoa there, coyboy!

    Did you just call your mom ignorant?

    Just because you "don't drive it bad" doesn't mean that your explorer is in proper shape for a roadtrip. You still are talking about an SUV that is more than 10 years old, and could have a variety of things that could fail from old age - and having that happen during a roadtrip hundreds of miles from home is about the last place you want them to happen.

    Roadtrips can be wonderfuly safe adventures, but you need to properly plan and have the maturity to deal with the major responsibilities that come with a roadtrip. I suspect your mother is far more concerned with those things than with any aspect of your car. Quite frankly, she probably knows more than anyone else if you are capable of handling those responsibilities, so if she's concerned, there could be some very good reasons for it.

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    Default Make a plan to sooth your mom's concerns....

    ....and, coming from a mom, don't ever call your mom ignorant! :-)

    I suggest you do a few things:
    1. Review the articles under the "Roadtrip Planning" section, especially anything that has to do with safety issues
    2. Come up with a plan for your roadtrip including the route, where you plan on stopping for the night, a reasonable budget with extra funds for emergencies, etc. Poke around here for ideas along your potential route and for budgeting ideas. When you've done this, please feel free to come back here for tips from us here so we can help you refine it and make sure it's reasonable. Many of here don't like to make reservations so we're not tied into a schedule. But with your inexperience and your mom's concerns, having hotel reservations might be a great idea. When your route planned, we can help make recommendations.
    3. Make a plan to have a check-in time with mom daily, or even twice daily. Maybe in the evening to let her know you've arrived at your lodging safely, and around lunch-time to let her know how it's going and where you're at along your route. Traveling with a cellphone and charger is the best way to alleviate these types of concerns.
    4. Consider buying membership in a road safety plan. AAA is a good one.
    5. Plan to have a mechanic go over your car before you leave to ensure it's up to the trip. At the very least, you'll need a tune-up. Ensure they know you're going on a fairly long trip so they'll be looking to see if there's any potential problems that you might want to take care of before you leave. Also have your tires and brakes checked. Of course, you'll need a plan to financially take care of this. I don't think it's unreasonable to ask your friends who are going with you to kick in a few bucks toward this. If they're getting the money-saving advantages of having you drive, they can kick in part of the repairs to make sure it's road-worthy, imho.
    6. Check out the "Gear Up" section for tips on things to pack in your car to ensure you're going to be prepared for emergency situations. Basic tools, flashlights with extra batteries, flares or emergency triangle, first aid kit, blankets, extra food and water, a good spare tire/jack/tire-changing skills, and maps of the areas you're traveling through are a good start.
    7. Google the DOT (Dept. of Transportation) websites of the states you will be traveling through to find out if there's any major construction, potential road hazards, or any other things that you should be aware of when planning your route. If you're traveling on interstates, this really shouldn't be a problem. Most states use 511 as a number to call for road information, but not all. If any states you're traveling through don't use 511, jot down their road information number. Put the numbers in your cellphone, PDA, or on a card to put in your car to have handy. I'm thinking this is a step that will make your mom feel better, too.
    8. You and your friends should make a list of important information needed in an emergency situation like contact names/numbers, medical insurance information, health issues any of you might have, allergies, a list of medications you're taking, etc. Type it all up to show your mom. It's good to have but this is another thing that will show you're mature enough to do this.

    After you've done all of this, I would imagine that if you logically present all this information to your mom that she will be delighted that you're taking a mature approach to your trip.

    And, remember, we're here to help you during the planning process. Don't hesitate to ask for help.

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    Default A couple of articles for you

    Quote Originally Posted by Soler View Post
    Can anyone give me tips in this situation.
    I wrote an article you can give to your Mom (it may not directly affect you and the ages of your friends, but it still might be helpful). Also, here are six tips that can cut down on the expense of this travel.


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    thank you for your help. I will try all this
    Also I didn't call my mom ignorant in general, she is just when it comes to road trips because she always flew

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    Default Share this website with your mom!

    Maybe if she comes here and sees how many people roadtrip successfully and safely, and have a fun time doing it, she'll be more open to it all.

    (But then I advise you to edit your posts calling her ignorant, even if it is just about road trips. LOL)

    Best wishes!

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