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    Default Michigan to Myrtle Beach- June 2009

    I, like so many others, am a soon-to-be graduating high school senior looking to take a relatively short road trip before college.

    I'm planning on going with three other girls, and we want to complete our journey in 7-14 days.

    There are mixed feelings as to what we want the trip to consist of (I want to see the great outdoors, others want to be at the beach from day one...) so we compromised on at least ending up at the beach.

    Questions I have:
    1.) What is a reasonable price tag for our trip (Michigan to Myrtle Beach and back in 7-14 days) ?
    2.) What are some worthwhile attractions/accommodations/national parks we could stop at?
    3.) Where should we stay once we arrive in Myrtle Beach?

    Any other information or advice is welcome.

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    How about a compromise? Myrtle Beach state park. Outdoors for you, beach for them. It's just outside the city, which is not all that nice a place during senior week, and it's inexpensive. I can guarantee you can't get a cabin at this late date, but the campsites are very nice and inexpensive. No pool.

    Myrtle Beach is the kind of place where it's easy to find a cheap hotel, but you're going to be nickle-and-dimed for everything -- it doesn't turn out to be a budget place in the long run.

    You should know that Myrtle Beach during senior week is nothing like Myrtle Beach during the rest of the year. The place fills up with recently graduated students, many of whom have never been away from home without parents before. Many -- if not most -- of them drink (or worse) to excess daily, and the police are out in force searching for trouble. Many seniors end up in jail that week. Of course, that doesn't mean that you will get into any trouble, but it does mean that you're going to find yourself in the midst of people who are behaving outrageously. Also, prices will be high that week because the hotels know that seniors will pay whatever they ask.

    Keep in mind that Myrtle isn't your only option. In the same vicinity you can find North Myrtle, Cherry Grove, Sunset Beaches.

    We like the Grand Atlantic Resort (recently renamed, used to be the Firebird Inn). It's in a quiet area and has nice pools. They have both hotel rooms and condos, and the prices are moderate. We also like the Marriott Grande Dunes Resort -- wonderful pool -- but it's $$$$$.
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    Default Hotel Check-in Age Limit

    My friends and I are planning a road trip for this summer but none of us will be 21 by the time we go. All of us will be 18 except one.

    Are our ages going to be a problem?
    Is there any way we can negotiate this with hotel managers beforehand?
    Has anyone else been in this situation? Advice?

    Any input would great :]
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    Quote Originally Posted by LadyKerouac View Post
    Are our ages going to be a problem?
    Is there any way we can negotiate this with hotel managers beforehand?
    Yes and no. The nicer hotels (which are not in Myrtle Beach itself) will not rent to graduates, so your age will be a problem there. On the other hand, there are plenty of places that will gladly rent to anyone, regardless of age -- they'll charge you plenty for it, of course, because they know that recent graduates are rough on the rooms. That probably doesn't describe you, but I told you that it's a rough crowd that comes to Myrtle for senior week. In June Myrtle caters to the anything goes, and we're willing to pay for it crowd.

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