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  1. Default road trip from Philly, PA area to Myrtle Beach, SC

    Hi, I'm new here. Have been considering a road-trip this summer (just after July 4) from Philly area to Myrtle Beach, SC. If I didn't go that far south, I'd possibly opt for Wrightsville Beach, NC instead. I've never driven long-distance before. I have ridden (not driven) from same area to Chincoteague Island a few years ago, in a car.

    How long would a trip to Myrtle Beach take approximately, considering I make a few pit-stops to eat, stretch legs, etc.? I don't know what the routes would be when driving down there - appreciate any insight on that. I would consider possibly making an overnight stop - somewhere along the coast in Virginia maybe?

    Would I be best off to get a GPS system, or is it really unnecessary to have one? Thanks for any insight, Greg

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The difference between being a passenger and being the driver on a RoadTrip is largely one of responsibility. As the driver: You will be responsible for where you go. You will be responsible for what attractions to see. You will be responsible for the pace and timing of the trip. You will be responsible for everything in fact. Now you could conceivably drive all the way from Philadelphia to Myrtle Beach in one very long day of driving, mostly following I-95 down to Dillon, SC and then US-301/US-501 to Myrtle Beach. But if you want to enjoy it and make your first solo RoadTrip something that you'll remember fondly and that will set you up for more and better trips later, you might well decide to take two days. That would also open other routes that you might find more appealing. For example, if you enjoyed the ride down to Chincoteague and want to avoid major cities such as Baltimore, Washington and Richmond, you could take US-13/DE-1 down through the Delmarva Peninsula with side trips to Assateague, Chincoteague and Wallops Island, cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel to the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area, and even continue down the Outer Banks on NC-12 and take the ferry to Cedar Island and then continue down to Myrtle Beach on US-17. Or you could head inland and take I-81 with occasional forays onto the Blue Ridge Parkway and then use I-77 to Columbia, SC finishing up on US-378 into the Myrtle Beach area. Overnight stops for those two alternatives would be roughly Virginia Beach for the coastal route or Roanoke for the Appalachian route. But of course, the choice (decision) is yours.

    Personally, I am not a fan of GPS. Get yourself some good paper maps and plan out your route yourself rather than just blindly doing what some machine tells you to do. You'll have a much better feel for where you are and what's around you and the decisions will be your own.


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    Thanks for the advice AZBuck. I've been rethinking things, and I'm not sure I want to go quite as far as Myrtle Beach for my 1st solo road-trip. Now I really enjoyed Chincoteage Island very much - it's a really nice area. I think tho that I'd like to visit someplace new. Could you recommend some towns maybe in Virginia or the northern part of North Carolina? I definitely prefer seashore as opposed to mountains, so any nice coastal towns would be great. I'm probably gonna steer clear of Virginia Beach for now. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks, Greg

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    If you want to take it easy on this first RoadTrip, then I wouldn't even worry about North Carolina. You can have a great drive just following I-81 and the Blue Ridge Parkway with stops at Shenandoah National Park and quaint towns like Lexington.


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