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    Hi Guys,

    Been a while since i've been on here, hope you are all well! Unfortunatley my big USA roadtrip had to be put off but i am planning once again...

    The trip is from Minneapolis > Las Vegas > San Francisco. We will be going in early September and i was wondering if anyone could give me an insight into what the weather willl be like in general on the trip at that time of year.

    I guess what i'm getting at is, due to the distance covered, will we have to prepare for every eventuality?



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    Default preparing never hurts

    Obviously there is no way of knowing exactly what you'll see, so it is a good idea to plan for every possibility. Having said that, you should be in pretty good shape traveling in September. That is usually before you start seeing any serious winter weather, so the odds of seeing good conditions are in your favor. It just wouldn't be impossible to see a winter storm at some point either.

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    Default Perfect time for me !

    Generally speaking it's fine but as Michael pointed out,weather is unpredictable and in recent times it's thrown up some bizzare patterns.

    However, Sept and Oct are my favorite months for a roadtrip as they often offer dry, clear, but not to hot days with lots of colour around. The big bonus is the crowds start to drop off as well. Other than the nights can start to get chilly, which I don't mind in any case, it's perfect

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    check out an almanac. and should let you access them, albeit with some digging around on their sites.

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