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  1. Default OR to MN via CA/UT/CO/IA- March

    hey all-

    I am planning a trip from Portland down the coast to SoCal, then thru Utah/CO/NE/IA into Minneapolis. I will be leaving Portland 3/1. My current plans are listed below, and wanted to know if anyone has additional advice or suggestions of 'not to miss sights' along these routes. I will be camping and staying w friends along the way. I plan to do some hiking in Yachats, Orick, Big Sur and Zion areas- please let me know of any favorite hikes in these areas! I will also be travelling w my large beast of a dog :) Thanks!!

    Portland to Yachats area

    Yachats to Orick , CA (redwoods)- camping

    Orick to San Fran

    San Fran to Big Sur- camping

    Big Sur to LA area

    LA to Palm Springs

    Palm Springs to Zion area -camping
    **any suggestions of where to camp outside of the park? doggie is only allowed on one trail inside, and I am wondering if it's worth paying the entrance fees...

    Zion to Price

    Price to SLC via 9-Mile Canyon

    SLC to Boulder

    Boulder to Kearney, NE area
    **would like to see the sandhill crane migration along the Platte- any advice on the best way to do this w/out paying to join a group?

    Kearney to Des Moines

    Des Moines to Minneapolis


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    There are two National Wildlife Refuges along the Platte River in western Nebraska, North Platte and Crescent Lake, as well as the Rainwater BasinWetland Management District in south central Nebraska, also on the Platte. I'd start by getting in touch with these entities and see what programs, guides or walks they offer during Sandhill Crane migration season. Besides these (likely free) programs, the Audubon Society offers a $25 tour at the Rowe Center near Kearney. There are also about two dozen state parks along the Platte River. There is certainly no shortage of places to view the crane migration for little or no cost. Make use of the public facilities you (and others) have paid for.

    More generally, make use of the parks, forests and refuges all along your travel.


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