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  1. Default From Las Vegas TO San Francisco! In March - some advice would be great!

    Hi there folks, myself and my girlfriend are flying into LAS on 17th March and returning to the UK form either LAS or SFO on the 25th March. I had originally intended to just catch a JetBlue flight between Vegas and San Francisco but a colleauge of mine said that the drive between the two cities was as good as visiting the two cities! So my questions are these - and I know there are hundreds of threads on SF to Vegas but I'm looking to go the other way and wasn't sure of the advice would differ!

    i) Because we're only in the states for 8 nights, is it worth driving at all or would it be too rushed? If we were to drive, I believe there are several key roads that are closed in March, does this make the LAS-SFO route v complicated?

    ii) If we did, I think I read that the drive point to point was about 8 hours, if one wanted to appreciate the drive, I assume it would really need to be spread across two days?

    iii) Have found some amazing deals on car rental over weekend but I would need one-way to drop off at SFO; so far the companies I;ve looked at say rentals from Vegas can only be dropped off within the same state, not in CA - does anyone know any different?!

    Thanks in advance for your assistance folks!

    Glasgow, Scotland.

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    Default This May Be a First for Me

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    It's not often that I recommend against taking a drive, but in your case I think I have to. With your limited time, the fact that in March Tioga Pass will still be closed, and the one-way drop-off fee on a rental car all arguing against making the trip by car, I think you'd do better to just enjoy Las Vegas and San Francisco as planned. To make the drive truly worth while, you'd have to head for the coast and come up the Pacific Coast Highway (CA-1), and that would require the better part of three days, not just two. Using the Travel Reservations tool on this web site, I had no trouble finding a mid-sized car for a three day drive between the two cities for just a little more than $200, even with the drop-off fee, but even so, money is not the limiting factor here, but rather time. I just think you'd be better off spending yours on seeing Las Vegas and San Francisco. If you really want to get out and see some of the coast, consider a 1 or 2 day rental and drive from San Francisco.


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    Hi AZBuck,
    Thanks very much for your advise! I had kinda thought that was probably the case but I just thought I'd check! Is the coastline around SF a good place to explore? Could I see some good scenery within "daytrip" radius of the city do you think?



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    Default The coast around San Francisco is.....

    ...absolutely gorgeous.

    If you go north, you can enjoy crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Bodega Bay (where Hitchcock filmed "The Birds"), and then you could swing inland over to Napa Valley to enjoy the vineyards there.

    If you go south, you could enjoy the charming beach town of Carmel, Big Sur (a very popular surfing place), and take a tour of Hearst's Castle in the San Simeon area.

    Of course, there's more than that either direction but this should whet your appetite.

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