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  1. Default Illinois to Orlando in March - Freeze or not?

    Greetings from Illinois - What a great site this is! I did a search, but didn't find what I was looking for, so hopefullly this hasn't been asked before...

    We're planning a trip to Disney World next year and are seriously considering doing so during Spring Break (March 20 -27). However, I'm a little concerned about the weather we would encounter. We'll be traveling in our Class C motorhome. Living in Illinois, I don't typically "un-winterize" the water systems (i.e. drain the anti-freeze) until middle-to-late May) due to chances of late season winter storms/freezing temps. I'm not too concerned about Orlando as I don't think freezing temps are common in late March in FL, but not sure about TN,KY,GA...

    Looking for thoughts as to what kinds of temperatures I'd be seeing this time of year throughout the trip (IL,TN,KY,GA,FL). The holding tanks/fresh water system are not insulated and I definately don't want to spend a week in Florida without water/sewer.

    Anybody make this trip in March? I'd really like to try Disney in Spring because we've only gone in Summer and have been told the weather and crowds make for a much more pleasent experience this time of year than in July.

    Thanks for any info or thoughts you have on this.

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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    Weather is a fickle thing as most people know, so it's hard to say exactly what type of weather you would encounter. I can tell you that while it is uncommon to see freezing temperatures in most of those areas at that time of year, it doesn't mean that it is impossible. I'll leave the specifics of RV insulation to our resident RV experts.

    The weather in Florida at that time of year should be ideal for what you are expecting, though being Spring break, you may find more crowds than you were hoping to see.

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    Thanks for the thoughts Tim. I did some research on the timing and, while Spring break does see an increase in attendence, it's supposed to be less than the summer months. More research might be in order here...

    I'm pretty comfortable that Florida would be safe. My real concern is the northern states getting there. I'll do some more research on how to avoid freezing my pipes and holding tanks too.

    Appreciate your thoughts in this matter.
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