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    Any suggestions going from Chicago to Las Vegas in 2 to 3 days. I am planning on driving to Denver in one day and then to Las Vegas the next day. Can this be done by one person? Also I do not know what the road conditions are like in the winter over in that area. Help!

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    No, you should not try to do it by yourself in 2 days. It's a full 3 days driving 10+ hours a day fastest route with no weather delays. Chicago to Denver is pushing 16 hours, it's 1000 miles. Not a wise choice even with multiple drivers.

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    Fatigue is a sinister killer on the road, and the problem is, most people are not aware of it, until it is too late.

    I drove from Chicago to Denver, alone, and it was two days driving, with the only breaks for eating and sleeping. Not really much fun.

    And you have not yet factored in hold ups. Accident up ahead, roadworks, etc. With such delays, you will be tempted to speed, to make up time.

    Speed, another killer! Combine the two, and you have a super killer.

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    Default please don't

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    As others have indicated, you absolutely should not attempt this trip in 2 days. We would strongly advise against it even with multiple drivers, but traveling solo means its simply impossible to cover those kinds of distances safely. For the sake of those with whom you will be sharing the road, please don't even consider doing this trip in less than 3 full days. If you need to be there faster, then you need to look at airplane tickets.

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