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    hi there, iīm planning to drive from san francisco to las vegas in the first days of February (i guess itīs winter up there by that time) and i have no clue how the roads are. I plan to take no more than a day to do this (say hit the road early in the morning and arrive in the afternoon). Maybe there are some places worth visiting in the way, that is to say, take little detours to these places and still be in schedule.

    i would appreciate any help.

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    Yes, early February is deep winter here in the northern hemisphere. But while some of the roads over the mountains will still have several months of snow closure to go, the main route through the Central Valley and Mojave Dessert should be clear and dry. Just be sure to check the weather before you start out on your journey.

    However, it is about 570 miles from San Francisco to Las Vegas, so it's a full day's drive. Unless you're talking about leaving VERY early in the morning, I wouldn't count on arriving in the afternoon. You will have little time for detours, but if you do find yourself with a little extra time, you will be driving right by the Mojave National Preserve.


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    The weather can be a fickle thing, so if it appears that there is going to be trouble along your route, plan accordingly. That means you may not be able to make the trip completely in one day. Last year's weather almanac for February 3rd in Las Vegas shows a min temperature of 48 degrees.

    Google maps shows it as 567 miles when using the Interstate route, entirely doable in one day given good weather conditions.

    Here is a similar post to yours that may be of some help.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    SF to LV is probably the single most discussed route on the forum, so if you look around and use the search function, you'll certainly find tons of info about this area.

    However, if you are planning to make this trip in one day, and get to your destination in the afternoon, you will have almost no time for sightseeing. Even via the most direct route, I-5 to CA-58 to I-15, the trip is a 10 hour drive in good conditions.

    Its impossible to say what the weather will be during your trip, but there is always a chance of seeing Snow that time of year as you cross the southern edge of the Sierras. The Tehachapi pass doesn't close very often, but it is something that could potentially slow you down.

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