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    Default winter route from Albany ny to new mexico

    I am driving, first time, from Albany ny area to new mexico next week (feb 29), and want to stay out of bad weather if possible. Does anyone have suggestions of the best route , and fastest, to go???

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    The weather is unpredictable; as such, we can't really give you the "best" route without knowing what the weather will be. The best advice I can give you is to stick with the Interstates if you think that weather is going to be a significant problem on this trip. If it appears there is going to be any significant lake effect snow in Western New York, you'll have to start out by heading down into Pennsylvania, otherwise, I-90 West to I-71 to I-70 to I-44 to I-40 should get you there.

    That said, how much time do you have for this trip, and where in New Mexico will you be heading?

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    I have as much time as I want (as long as i can continue the mantra...'one day at a time'!) I am going to To Sante Fe/ Los Alamos area, but also looking for the place that tells me ' this is it!! this is where you want to move to!' Any ideas of where in new Mexico I shouldn't miss? I am going on a trip to find my new home..Southern Vermont has worn out its welcome for me after 40+ years. It seems like the 90 Buffalo route is certainly easier and better roads, I just will have to keep a close eye on the weather and decide from there. I have heard the Penn. roads can be difficult. Thanks for your reply..i already feel less anxious :)

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    The only reason to "not" take 90 to 71 as Tim has suggested would be the possibility of lake effect snow through Upstate NY and along Lake Erie. This is about a 2100 mile drive, and you should plan on 4 days. My mapping program concurs that this is the fastest.

    If necessary due to weather, an alternate to look at would be 87 to 287 to 78 to 81 to the PA Turnpike to 70. This adds about 70 miles to the trip.

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    any web sites to suggest for help along the way with best routes, possible constuction, ect..? If the weather is going to be Ok I think i will take RT 90.. It seems so much easier without many cities and such to deal with. Plus the Penn. route lI have heard can be a pain in the butt. thanks for all your help. :)

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    The PA route I suggested is relatively painless. You are probably thinking of I-80.

    Each state's DOT website should have current road conditions.

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    once again, thanks for the help. I have done a lot of travelling once i am out west, but never driven. Looking at the map and seeing so many routes make my eyes swim! The DOT is a great suggestion. I will remember NOT 80! :) cheers, katy

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