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    Default Route for Toronto to L.A. in winter?

    Hi everyone

    I'm driving from Toronto to L.A. next late December/early January and I'm a bit nervous about snow conditions on the I-70 west of Denver (I'd rather not carry chains and I don't have 4 wheel drive).

    I know you always take your chances in winter but I'm looking for other routes that would be less white knuckling.

    The I-25 from Denver to the I-40?
    Stay on the I-80 to Salt Lake and then the I-15?
    Or maybe I-55 to I-44 through Missouri to the I-40? What is the scenery like on this route?

    Any suggestions are welcome.

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    There is no way to predict what the weather will be like on any of these routes next Dec/Jan -- you can have good conditions on any one, and you can encounter winter conditions on any of them -- even on I-10 you can find snow and ice very easily.

    You will be able to get the trip done -- meanwhile -- wait until just before you go and then take a look at the expected and actual weather along each route, and decide based on that information. It may be that one route is better than the others at that time -- or maybe they'll all be good (or bad).

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    Chains aren't so bad. I'd be more uncomfortable driving cross country in the winter without a set. They run well under $100.00 for most cars. Practice putting them on a couple of times in your driveway. You may never need them, but if you do you really need them!

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    Yeah, I figure that their mere presence of being in my truck means that I will never have to put them on -- so far it has worked that way over the last decade or so.

    On the Phoenix One, I had a custom set of chains created, but over time decided that if conditions were bad enough that that monster of a truck couldn't handle it, that I ought to just park the beast... And I usually did -- although there is ample evidience on this site about the numerous times I went ahead and got stuck anyway...

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    Thank you.

    That's good advice. Maybe I'll invest in some for the piece of mind.

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    Default Yes!

    Actually, I carry a set -- 365 days a year in the truck. They work well in mud too. I actually prefer the European style -- they are not really chains -- they are known as "Cable Chains" and are about 1/8 as heavy as metal link chains. I can install them in about 15 seconds per wheel. There is a poster on this board - who is an expert on chains -- I will see if he can't weigh in on this subject too.


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    Default Regarding Snow Chains

    Teebee -- ALWAYS carry chains when traveling in snow country for you never know -- and THIS season is a good example -- the snow hasn't stopped coming! There's talk that folks'll be sking in Mammoth thru August!

    Best to fit your vehicle with chains BEFORE you head out and practice installing them at home in comfort rather then learn to in a blizzard.

    I had a couple come all the way from San Mataeo sp? [ I'm in San Diego ] for my SNOWCHAINS101 instruction and fitting because the previous season they'd had a life threatening experience wherein their badly fitting snowchains came off and wrapped the axle on their pickup putting them in the ditch in a blizzard where they almost froze to death before help arrived!

    As Mark stated, the snow cables are lighter weight and easier to install [ the Zs are the best ] and unless you're a "back country survivalist" they work fine.
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    Great idea.

    Are the cables readily available in most automotive stores? Are they more expensive?

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    Default Re "cables"

    The BEST and easiest to install are Z cables by SCC [Security Chain Co. ]

    Go to their website and click on "store locater" link to find where to obtain them in your area. :)

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