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  1. Default NYC to Warroad Minnesota by rail or bus

    Anyone have an idea how I can get out there??
    I do not want to fly,,but ill be up for any other way to get there..
    Warroad mn is right by canada (winnipeg)...
    Bus,train etc.....Just cant drive cause I have to pick up a car out there..



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    Can't recommend the Greyhound... did that trip to St Paul in 2001. Left NYC at 1am, arrived St Paul 29hrs later. Besides being uncomfortable to the extreme, the female driver spent the whole way to Chicago, arguing with someone on her mobile phone. A lay-over in Chicago saw us on a new bus with a new driver.

    A sheer Nightmare. Maybe Amtrak goes there.

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    The closest Amtrak can get you is Grand Forks, ND - about 100 miles away. You will have to change trains in Chicago.

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    Default uff-da!

    Unfortantly, as you know Warroad is way up there (I had a friend who grew up in nearby Roseau), which means your options for mass transit are very limited. It looks like all of your options are going to involve some transfering and will still leave you about 150 miles short of your final destination.

    As was mentioned, Amtrak will take you as far as Grand Forks, and you'd have to transfer trains in Chicago.

    Other option would be to take Amtrak to Minneapolis (again transfering in Chicago) and then take Jefferson Bus Lines to Bemidji. Jefferson Lines also travels to Pembina ND (I-29 at the ND/Canada border) via Grand Forks, which would put you closer (110 miles) but it would leave you on a bus quite a bit longer than stopping in Bemidji.

    Another option would be to travel through Canada. You could look at taking Amtrak to Montreal or Toronto, and then using VIA Rail Canada to Winnepeg.

    Even if you fly, the closest airport with scheduled air service would be International Falls, which is still 100 miles away.

    In any case, it looks like you will have to have someone pick you up or take a taxi ($$$$$) and drive you the final 100 miles of your trip.

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