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    Default minnesota to south carolina

    im planning a road trip the beginning of november from minnesota to upstate like to stop at interesting places along the way. we havent decided for sure, but we are looking at between 3-5 days for the trip...anybody got any ideas/help/etc?? thanks a lot...i appreciate it!!!

  2. Default See some "country."

    I'd go south along the river road, or through Chicago and Springfield to St Louis, then Clarksville, Nashville and Chattanooga along the way. You could visit Chicago and check out its nightlife, see the Lincoln sites around Springfield, and the historical sites around St Louis -- maybe see the Gateway Arch and the museum there.

    Over toward Nashville, maybe check out Music Row and the "Opry" (and the Hermitage) before finishing the trip with a tour of the Jack Daniels Distillery at Lynchburg and the Great Smoky Mtns National Park. Especially in Tennessee, I'd use federal two lane roads instead of the interstate system -- you'll see more countryside and catch a little of America's "country-flavor." Bob

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    Default also...

    Also see Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky.

  4. Default Yeah!

    And some Civil War battelfields! Like Fort Donnelson and/or Missionary Ridge. Bob

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    Default Mn-SC

    Lots of options here if you like outdoor activities or challenging roads. Drive like crazy 'til you maked S. Ky, exit I-75 at Ky #29 & take US 25E S through the Cumberland Gap & down to Asheville. Asheville has the Biltmore Estate, & the NC/SC border is a rife with waterfalls. Or go thru Knoville to the Smokies & Asheville. Or, if you like the twisties, take the Tail of the Dragon (

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    Default Stop at Falling Water

    If you're going the route through Ohio/West Virginia/Maryland, hit "Falling Water" the Frank Lloyd Wright designed home in the woods near Pittsburgh. It hovers over a small waterfall and has a natural "pool" of collected water from the streak in the back. It is currently a museum of the former owner's posessions, Wright designed furniature, and other period pieces form the early part of the 20th century.

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    Default NC/SC Border

    My daughter and I plan to go to check out South of the Border. We live in NJ and plan to fly, anyone know what airport we need to land in? Suggestions welcome.

  8. Default Closest airport

    The closest airport with commercial service is Florence, SC, 26 miles away. I know you can get service from Newark to Florence for about $460. However, you may find less expensive fares by using a larger airport, such as Charlotte, Columbia or Fayetteville, and driving a little farther. Newark to Charlotte, for example, is available for $238 RT right now. From Charlotte to Dillon, it's 123 miles and about 3 hours, according to Rand McNally online. Bob

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