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    How much do you suppose it would cost to walk fron NJ to Cali...thats like what...45 days of, to feed yourself and to put myself up at dirt cheap hotels...whats the bare minimum you think?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I wanna get out and see the country but I dont wanna strand myself midway...know what I mean?


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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    Absolute best case, I think you could only do about 30 miles a day. That's 8-10 hours of walking at 3-4mph. Even that seems very optimistic, since I don't think your body will realistically let you keep of that kind of every single day.

    But even if you were to maintain that pace, you'd need 100 days to walk from NY to the Pacific Ocean. I'd guess that 150 days (20 miles a day) would be more realistic.

    We usually figure $50 a night for cheap motels for an average, but if you stayed in some hostels you might be able to drop that down to about $40.

    Food, I'd guess $20 a day would be about the minimum, since you won't be able to bring any cooking gear, and you'll be burning such a large number of calories.

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