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  1. Default We need your knowledge folks-Chicago to Souther Cali. All suggestions Welcomed.

    Hey there folks, me and my friends (ages 20 and 21) want to go to Cali from chicago. One of my friends is pretty knowledgable about Cali, were probably gonna check out highway 1 and stop at some places that he knows. But any suggestions about Cali are most definitely warmly welcomed.
    But what we really need from you folks is the inbetween, what is there to do between us and Cali. We would like suggestions on what roads in your experience are worth goin through and also what sites we should see. The only things so far that we want to go through is a desert, we just figured it be really fun to go really fast down a empty stretch of road. but even that is really up to negotiation. also on top of national landmarks we would also like to know about festivals, partys, shindigs, raves, and anysort of crazy sort of shinanagens that happen during the summer. Were just a bunch of kids looking for an adventure and I think I can assume that you folks are the people that can help us.
    There isnt a set timetable for this because we dont want to constrict ourselves. So if theres anything happening between May through Aug.(Thats not really how long our summer is but we just want to be thorough) that you know about we would like to know. We will sort out what we want to see and hopefully build an awesome roadtrip from your suggestions. Thanks.
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