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  1. Default Road Trip from OHIO to OREGON - anyone traveled this before ??

    Im looking to do a one-way trip to Oregon this summer and was wondering how many days I should set aside for the drive.

    I am planning on stopping at 3 places along the way...Field of Dreams in Iowa, Mt. Rushmore, and Yellowstone. I am just curious if anyone has ever taken this trip, what the best route to go would be (im thinking US 20 for part of the way) and how much time I should ideally spend at each location along the way. Any help or advice would be apprecaited,


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    Field of Dreams can be seen in an hour. There really isn't anything there except the field and a couple souvenir stands. While you are there, the National Farm Toy Museum in Dyersville is worth a visit. That could occupy another hour or two.

    Another hour or two at Mt. Rushmore is probably plenty.

    Yellowstone is where you would probably want to make at least a whole day out of it.

    What I'd probably do is take whatever looks good to you from Ohio to Rockford, IL, avoiding Chicago if possible unless you want to spend a day there. You didn't say what part of Ohio - this makes a big difference. If you come across I-70, you can take that to Indy and pick up I-74 to I-39. Then pick up US-20 and make a stop in Galena and look around on your way to Dyersville.

    Then, you could get back on 20 and take that to Sioux City. Take I-29 up to I-90 to go to Rushmore. A couple things along there worth looking at are Wall Drug and a trip through the Badlands.

    From there, get back on 90 and take that to Ranchester WY, pick up US-14 to Yellowstone.

    From Yellowstone, you could take US-20 to Idaho Falls, pick up I-15 to Pocatello, then I-86 and I-84 into Oregon.

    Depending on your exact starting point, ending point, and detours enroute, you are looking at 2500 to 3000 miles. I would allow at least a week to do it, that would be a 4 to 5 day run without sightseeing and staying on the Interstates. If I were doing it, I'd plan on setting aside 10 days.

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    forgot to mention, i am starting in columbus,oh....

    i am hoping to do this trip in 4-5 days.....there will be 4 drivers but i have not figured out all the stops, details yet

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    Well, with those time limitations, you're not going to be able to do much more than you've listed. In fact, even fitting in Yellowstone will be a bit of a challenge.

    You're looking at a trip thats about 2600 miles. If you drive 8-10 hours a day, that will really only give you time for quick stops for a couple hours tops at places you want to see. Field of Dreams and Mount Rushmore are relatively close to US-20 and I-90 and you can quickly see them on your time frame. Yellowstone is a bit farther off the direct route and is harder to really see on the timeline you've given for yourself.

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