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  1. Default road trip from philadelphia to boston

    hello everyone!

    i will be ariving next month from israel to philly and i need some help on planning my vacation.

    i'm planning on taking a 4 days road trip from philly to boston on october, and because i practically know nothing about the road, i need any information i could get about interesting sights along the road, and in boston.

    also if anyone took that road trip, i would love to hear about it, and also get recommendations about places to sleep/eat or any other point of interest.

    this will not be my first road trip in the east coast, but i could still use some good advices about where to rent a car from, and where to get cheep maps and books (even though i'm planning on using a navigation system).

    that's all i guess,
    thanks alot

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    If you prefer the hustle and bustle of big cities, then it's a relatively straight forward proposition to just follow I-95, the main highway in the northeastern U.S. all the way from Philadelphia to Boston with stops in New York, New Haven, Providence, and maybe a side trip to Cape Cod. If you prefer to see more countryside, then you can head north out of Philadelphia along the Delaware River, then take a tour through the Catskill Mountains and finally head into Boston on the Mohawk Trail (MA-2). Once we know your basic route, we can be of more help, but for booking a car - most of the major car rental companies are pretty much similar when it comes to fleet and service, so just go on one of the price comparison sites like Travelocity, Orbitz, Expedia and others and see which one offers the best price. Maps and books can be gotten from by mail or from any map store once you get here. It is, unfortunately, a little late to write to the state tourist bureaus for their free maps and travel brochures.


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