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    Default Baltimore to where ever... eventually back to Chicago!


    I've just bought a car on Ebay and I'm going to pick it up this Saturday.
    The car is in Baltimore MD. OK I'm looking to make a little road trip out of this :) This trip is completly spare of the moment, not much time to plan etc. I'm just jumping on a plane from Chicago to Baltimore, I'm buying a car and then the adventure begins.

    So far I was thinking:

    Baltimore to
    Washington DC back track to
    Baltimore to
    Philadelphia to
    New York to

    Now I could just drive back from Boston to Chicago but I'd also love to see parts of Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine etc as I hear these states are beautiful in fall.

    I have no time limit on this trip. I'm free as a bird. I was hoping to keep it cheap and cheerful. Motel 6 is good enough for me! I'm after nice driving roads over express ways and prefer beautiful scenic routes. I have a nice Digital SLR and plan to take lots of pics!

    I'd just like to hear peoples thoughts and recommendations, must see places etc.
    How long do you think this trip would take me?
    How much do you think it will cost (roughly)?

    Thank you so much for any help or advance in advance.

    P.S I'll take lots of pics and write a blog for you guys.

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    So far I'm going it alone... I'd consider meeting up with a travel buddy to keep me company. Please apply within haha

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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    I'd say you are looking at 5-7 days with what you have listed, and I would budget $100 per day as a good reference point. Now, as far as visiting the New England states, I would give another 2-3 days for that. Keep in mind that peak foliage season has passed (it was about 1 1/2 weeks ago here in central MA), so if you are looking for color, you will only find traces in Vermont and New Hampshire by this time. I wouldn't let that discourage you, however, as the granite mountains present a rugged beauty in the colder months.

    Quote Originally Posted by kins View Post
    So far I'm going it alone... I'd consider meeting up with a travel buddy to keep me company. Please apply within haha
    You might consider posting in this section to find a travel buddy.

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    Thanks for the reply! I was thinking the same for time and money.

    I am suprised to hear most the colour has gone already :(

    I am keen to hear recommendations for roads, places to visit / must see places particularly in New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine.

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