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    Hi, I'm new to this so please be patient if I ask questions which have already been covered. My partner and I are planning a trip later this year (end of August/ September. We are flying from Ireland to Chicago (via New York) and intend staying in Chicago for 3 nights before hiring a car and heading for Highway 61. We will have 2 weeks to spend on the road before flying back to New York for 4 nights before heading back home.
    We would be very grateful for any first hand advice on places to see or stay along the way and how best to spend the time available.

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    Default The Windy and the Big Easy

    Hi Sharon!

    Here's a book on Highway 61 you might want to buy before you leave and an interesting article written by one of our contributors.

    There are many posts on this forum regarding Chicago, like this one by one of our frequent posters. Here's another thread where you might pick up ideas. If you are a reader, our Editor recommends this book that will guide you through the city's literary scene. For roadside americana, check out the various Route 66 museums, coffee shops and boutiques around Chicago.

    In New Orleans, I strongly suggest the Gay Heritage Tour (20$). Wether you are straight or gay, the guide is incredibly funny, knows the city's history by heart and the stories he tells his audience are truly fascinating. Stroll down Bourbon St. and browse the narrow streets of the Vieux Carré. Lafayette Cemetary is also a must see in that area even though it has been lightly damaged by Katrina. For quirky stuff, visit the Voodoo Museum or the Westgate Museum of Necromancy. You can also explore the Plantation River Road. Personally, I think the greatest entertainement in New Orleans is the colourful people you encounter.

    Have a nice trip!

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    Hi Gen
    Thanks for reply. I've jus ordered a copy of Tim Steil's book and the article by Scott Stanton is useful. We've been to New Orleans before and aren't planning to stay more than a day or two this time. I would be grateful for more information on Memphis and some more of the places in between. We're mainly interested in hearing some blues, seeing the best scenery on offer... and we love to eat in traditional American diners!!

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