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    Default Vegas to Omaha - suggestions about in between

    I am leaving Houston for Las Vegas Oct. 20 (after voting early!). From there I have 14 days until I need to be in Omaha (where I will be seeing NEIL YOUNG Nov 5, so this leaves no room for procrastinating.) I am going by Greyhound, and will get to Vegas at night on the 21. My question is, if I spend let's say 4 days in Vegas, (whittling time until Neil Young to 9 days including travel time,) how to best fill the time. I would love to visit both Salt Lake City and Denver, but have the notion that if I try both I will enjoy neither because I will just be rushed.

    So, 9 days- Las Vegas to Omaha. How would you try to manage the time, OR, which city would you visit thoroughly, Salt Lake City or Denver? Or another? I am currently leaning towards SLC at this point for various reasons, but not strongly. Another bit of information, I've been to Vegas before and so it is not dire that I stay 4 days again.

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    Default all by bus?

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    Are you doing this entire trip by bus? If that's the case then I think you're simply going to have to build your trip around bus schedules. Its hard to say what would be rushed without knowing when you would be arriving and when you'd have to leave.

    Having said that, is there a specific reason you are going to Vegas? If you've already been there and you want to see these other places, then I would build my 14 days around getting to see SLC and Denver, and then give whatever time might be leftover to spend in Vegas.

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