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  1. Default Las Vegas to.....??? (Looking for suggestions)

    Hello everyone,

    Last year I joined this site looking for suggestions for a solo road trip to somewhere peaceful, beautiful, and relaxing. Somewhere where I could go hiking along a river, take a rest and read a book, somewhere far away from society and this crazy city of Las Vegas, where I live.

    I received lots of replies form other members and the moderators, and chose a location in Kernville, CA along the Kern River. The moderator that was helping me suggested staying at Mcnally's lodge, and I did. The whole trip was great, just what I needed, and now I'm looking for another similar trip from Sept 28th-Oct 3rd.

    I was thinking of just going back to the same spot, but I'd really like to find a new location. I'm looking to drive nowhere longer than 6 hours from Las Vegas, and would like locations that aren't crowded with tourists and people in general, just quiet places.

    I've been researching places in California, Utah, and Arizona, but the help I recieved here last year was far more valuable than just throwing a dart and taking a shot at a location. A co-worker was suggesting Sedona to me, It looks beautiful, but from what I read it is a huge tourist attraction, and I'm really trying to go somewhere far less crowded.

    Thanks in advance to everyone's help

    --- Seven
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    Default Capitol Reef

    I think I've got another place that might be perfect for you. Capitol Reef National Park is a fabulous place with pretty amazing scenery, yet it tends to get burried behind all of Utah's other great wonders, like Zion, Bryce, Arches, and Canyonlands. In terms of quiet, overlooked locations, it would be very high on my list.

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