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    Hello all!
    Some friends and I are beginning to plan a 48 state trip. It will begin around the first part of November. Is there a site that has a preplanned route that will minimize mileage/time. We really aren't interested in seeing any sites, only those that happen along the way. The only two definite destinations are LA for The Autoshow and the starting place will be in Chicago.


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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    We've had several people report back after 48 state marathons.

    This recent motorcycle trip was done in just 10 serious iron butt days, and started from the Milwaukee area.

    Here was a good one from a couple years ago involving three guys and two cars done in less than a month.

    The Quest-4 trip is also a good standby for information. Here was their route.

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    Thanks for the links MM. I guess the proper thing to do would be to introduce my intentions. We are assembling a team of 4 people with "two very capable vehicle’s from a major automobile manufacturer" to set a fuel economy record for a 48 state run.

    Thanks to any input that could be offered!
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    The route for my 48 States in 10 Days ride on the motorcycle was 8200 miles.
    Is L.A. a stop or do you plan on ending this trip in L.A.?
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