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    Default first time road trip

    My best friend and i are finally going on the two month + road trip we always dreamed of. we are 23 and are leaving norhtern california in three week for an unknown destination (new orleans, new york, mount rushmore?). This is our first time out on our own. We don't have a lot of money saved after covering our finances. and were not sure what to plan for. on the road money making tips and sudjestions on safe resting and swimming would be appreciated. Any other comments will also be appreciated.

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    Brandon Guest

    Default Ideas..

    There are a few simple things that may help out. If you know friends in different state cop a day or 2 with them. Plan on camping at camp grounds a few day a week saves good money. If your doing more than 2 national parks get a pass to all national parks (saves a few). Always buy the cheaper gas and get a tune up before leavein'. Good gas mileage and prevent breakdowns. Get "Green slim" or fix a flat. I plan to stay a day or two in the car to reduce cost too.

    Bring books and Lots of CD's. Have a back up Credit card. Cell phone charger. Get a six pack or two of water. And buy some Protien or meal bars. A bar and a water are cheaper than McDonald's. Pre plan some stops so your not "looking" to much for stuff to do. I have a few friends that own bars and from time to time they'll help Passer throughs with a job for a few days. This helps to replace MooLah. It is also big down south.

    Lastly. Stop in Hartford Ct and I buy ya a couple of rounds.

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