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    I can hear the laughter. This is probably a short run for most, but I am going with 3 young grandchildren. Would like some info on points of interest up the coast and over the panhandle; a place to stay overnight and suggestions on how long to travel with them, etc. They are 6, 7 and 11 in age and I am 64 grandma looking forward to this short adventure with them.

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    First of all, RoadTrips are a state of mind and are not really about distance traveled. As a grandparent myself, I love taking my grandchildren on trips of similar size and making stops along the way. I am constantly amazed at what they have found most interesting: train museums, historic prisons, cavalry forts, wildlife refuges and the like. Stops don't have to be limited to amusement parks and other "entertaining" locations. With that in mind. I've had a look at similar places that you could put together with the idea that each day would be a series of short drives from one place to another that lets you cover 250 miles a day in short spurts, so that most of your time is spent out of the car doing stuff, and also gives you a chance to mix and match seating arrangements should the need arise. So have a look at the following:

    Yulee Sugar Mill Ruins Historic State Park
    Lower Suwannee National Wildlife Refuge
    Forest Capital Museum State Park

    Overnight in Tallahassee

    Florida Caverns State Park
    Emerald Coast Science Center
    Gulf Islands National Seashore


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