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  1. Default planning a trip to wyoming in late august

    My husband and I are planning a trip in late August from Georgia to Cody Wy. We made this trip a few years ago (4,000 miles in 7 days). On our previous trip we somehow managed to see some beautiful places along the way - our destination at that time was Yellowstone. This trip we would like to take more time around the Black Hills in SD and also travel the Beartooth Hwy. We are more concerned with scenic routes and photo ops, any suggestions.

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    As long as you are planning to drive the Beartooth, make sure you take the Chief Joseph's Scenic Byway from Cody to get there...

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    A fun day trip from the Black Hills is the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary south of Hot Springs, SD. They have large herds of wild horses roaming their vast rangeland. The bus tour takes you to some dramatic overlooks, a sacred Indian site, a petroglyph site, and best of all, a close encounter with many of these magnificent animals in a completely uncontrolled environment. The horses have no fear of humans so you can walk quite close to them, and they don't associate humans with food so they behave naturally.

    After leaving the Black Hills, I'm sure you know about Devil's Tower, but have you decided whether to go north to Garryowen, MT to see the Custer Battlefield (very interesting and they don't glamorize the history) or head west over the Bighorns? It is tricky to do both the Beartooth and the Cheif Joseph unless you go the northern route and drop into Cody from the north, or do a loop drive from Cody after you get there. Either way you can't go wrong.

    Your trip home could be interesting if you were to head down to the Flaming Gorge area of southern, Wyoming, then on to Dinosaur National Monument on the Utah/Colorado border and cross Colorado through Rocky Mountain National Park and home on I-70.

    As you know, there is lots to see in that area. Have a good time.

    Craig Sheumaker
    co-author of the travel guide: America's Living History-The Early Years

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    We haven't decided what route we will use to return home. On our previous trip we went through Mitchell, SD., saw Mt. Rushmore, Devils Tower, Yellowstone and the Tetons. We would like to spend more time in SD around the Badlands, we would also like to try your suggestion. On our trip home during our last trip we traveled trough the northern tip of New Mexico. We would like to travel through the state but know little about the area. We traveled by interstate and missed a lot of the local areas. We plan to stay in Cody Wyoming for a few days and travel the roads around that area before heading south. Our route now is to leave middle Georgia and travel northwest through Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska then on to Wyoming, from that point we will head south to return home. We loved the open spaces in SD, the mountains in Wyoming were beautiful, but we would like to take in more of the history (museums, etc) and scenery. We've done some research on these areas on the internet but you only find information about the most popular places and very little about other places that may be off the beaten path. Keep the suggestions coming. Thanks.

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