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  1. Default From NYC to Niagara Falls in 4 days

    Hello all,

    My name is Juan, from Spain, and four people of us are preparing this trip in an RV, from NYC to Niagara falls and return in just four days, visiting the most important places in this route in this short period of time, so it would be great to receive all the information you could give to us about it; places, the best route, where we should book to sleep, if we would need any visa to enter in Canada. All the things someone novice should know to have fun and remember this trip forever.

    Thank you in advance all of you.

    Best regards


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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    The trip to Niagara Falls is about 425 miles by the quickest route, which is easily done in a day. So, that leaves you a day out, a day back, one day to visit, and one day in between, total. You could break this up as follows:

    Day one - travel about 300 miles, exploring the Finger Lakes region towards the end of the day.

    Day two - drive the remainder of the way to Niagara Falls and enjoy the area; you'll have most of the day.

    Day three - Head out of Niagara Falls to Letchworth State Park. Drive a bit more to a campground along the Southern Tier of New York or into Pennsylvania.

    Day four - take your time and enjoy the drive back into NYC. You'll be heading into the city later in the day, effectively "reverse commuting", so traffic should be lighter than it otherwise would be in your direction.

    I am not sure about Canada's rules regarding Spanish citizens, but I believe they do require a visa.

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    Thanks a lot Mass Tim, we think thet would be the best choice.

    Any interesting place to sleep, or anything typical we can not lost?

    Of course if you know any places where we should eat, drink, buy or whatever, please tell us too.

    Thnkas again.


  4. Default Cortland

    If you are taking 81 at all and pass through Cortland- stop and eat at the Hollywood. I went to college there and I stop by whenever I can.

    Also- I love the ride on 17 through the Catskills. Hope your RV has some power to go up those Mountains. If not- I would take the Thruway.

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