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    I am new to this forum but find it very helpful and interesting. I am planning a trip with my boyfriend to travel from NY where we live in Queens to Howe Caverns then to Cooperstown then to Niagara. Staying near either Howe Caverns or Cooperstown overnight before going to Niagara Falls.

    Question: Not sure what else may be good to check out before hitting Niagara Falls, open to any suggestions (sites, eatery, shops, hotels).

    When we get to Niagara Falls want to check out the wind cave and couple other activities but again open to suggestions. We were thinking of going to Canadian side to actually get the hotel but not sure. Some people say the NY side is dirty. We will be using a rental car so I have to look into crossing border with the car.

    Okay thinking of staying at Niagara Falls area maybe 2 nights and then heading back. On way back want to see the Amash area (Lanchester. Ronks, Bird in Hand) We looked into some activities there of interest (buggy ride, shops, farms, hot air balloon ride) so will probably stay a night there.

    Then I don't know maybe to Hersey Park for a few rides then back to Queens. Question: The thing is from Niagara Falls to Lanchester it is a long drive and this will be my first road trip (boyfriend will not be driving-I will) so is there anything else to see/do in-between there that we could stay somewhere overnight?

    Any advise I will gladly appreciate!! I want this trip to be special....

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    For several lists of attractions in that general area, have a look at these links. If you plan on crossing into Canada (recommended) you must have either a passport or both a government issued photo ID (e.g. a driver's license) AND the original or certified copy of your birth certificate or naturalization papers. Between Niagara and Harrisburg area a few options would be the Lucy and Desi Museum in Jamestown, NY; the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania near Ansonia, PA; the Little League Museum in Willamsburg, PA; the drive down either US-22 through the Juniata River Valley or US-15 through the Susquehanna River Valley; and of course Gettysburg south of Harrisburg. On your way back to Queens, look at taking US-209 north from Allentown/Bethlehem through the Delaware Water Gap.

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    Thank You For Your Great Suggestions.... I Am Going To Check Out All Of Them......your Awesome!

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