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    Hello Friends,

    This site has helped me, every year with my Spring and Summer RoadTrips. Thanks all.

    This time we are planning to visit NIAGARA FALLS (within US territory - No Canadian side) from CHICAGO.

    Basically we planning to hit the road by 3rd week of July for 4 days...

    Day 1 - Early morning Driving from Chicago to Niagara Falls by evening
    Day 2 - Whole day-night at Niagara Falls and surroundings
    Day 3 - Early morning - Leave Niagara Falls
    Day 4 - Some interesting new place (suggestions please) in between and back to Chicago.

    I would appreciate, any suggestion and idea to make this trip memorable and fun for family of four (Mom - Dad - Son (9 years old) - Daughter (2 years old).


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    Default Ohio

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Ohio would be right along the path, with Cleveland having a number of options for fun activites. The Rock and Roll HoF is one of the big attractions that I've been to, although I wouldn't say its kid focused. Just a bit down the road is Sandusky, which has a number of Theme Parks, Water Slides, and other things that would be fun things to do for the day.

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    Another option is to see some of the sites driving back between the lakes and through Michigan. While checking out some sites for a trip there are some interesting things in Detroit related to cars, Ford, etc... Also there are two towns within driving range that have white and black squirrels. (Quirky attraction). Buffalo NY also boasts the home of the buffalo wing of course.

    Another site that has good advice where you can find different attractions is

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    Default To the Falls

    I always liked the Falls from Cannada the best, Clifton Hill is a hoot. and the view is better. Enjoy

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