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    Hey everyone,

    I'm really sorry if this information is already here!

    I'm just wondering if anyone can help with a route me and two friends are planning for May 2009. Firstly we were going to go from the west coast to the east coast by car, but we have decided to do a loop from LA back to LA. We will be

    Basically we will be picking the car up from LAX and depending on what people recommend, going north or south. We want to include San diego, san francisco, Las vegas, joshua tree, and the grand canyon as our main points and then fill in the gaps...which is where we need the help.

    We have three weeks in total, and i have no idea how long we need in each place and where we should deffinatly go and where is maybe not so important. The big landmarks are obviously a must. Any help would be extremely appreciated - i have already used this forum to make a list of all the places to visit in LA alone... and that filled almost a whole page ha ha

    Thanks in advance for any help!!

    Caroline x

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    Default A few ideas for you

    Quote Originally Posted by Cazerelli View Post
    but we have decided to do a loop from LA back to LA.
    Here are a few ideas to get you started. Welcome to the Great America RoadTrip Forum!

    LA to San Francisco via the Grand Canyon
    A quick overview about "how" to visit Los Angeles
    Some tips for beaches to explore on the coastal route.
    Coastal Route and Mono Hot Springs
    A great field report for a loop from San Francisco
    San Diego Tips
    Here are a few articles about visiting Las Vegas
    Just one of the places you have stop and see on the coastal highway.

    Hope this gets you started.


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    Thanks for those links mark, they were really helpful!

    We have put together a prelimery outline for our route;

    Los Angeles
    San Francisco
    Yosemite National Park
    Death Valley National Park
    Las Vegas
    Flagstaff }
    Grand Canyon } Could swap these two around
    Joshua Tree
    San Diego
    Los Angeles

    Does this seem like a doable route in three weeks?

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    Default It will be a cake walk!

    Seriously, in three weeks, you will have plenty of time to explore in more depth than most travelers allow time for. You will also have time to relax and really inhale the atmosphere of the various places you'll be visiting. Enjoy!

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