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    RoadTripper Brad Guest

    Default Moving my friend from WA-AZ, need help on routes

    I am going to be returning in August to help my friend move down. I think we will have a small to mid sized Uhaul and a car in tow. We need to go from Wenatchee, Washington (the ceter of the state) to Phoenix, Arizona. There are several routes we can take, each with thier own pros/cons. Here is what we are looking for: A ) Fewest number of mountain passes. B) Familiarity- we both are fairly familiar with California, Oregon. B) Services- we really don't want to envoke my AAA card because I took a route with few gas stations. Rest stops would be nice, but aren't neccisary.

    Here are the routes I have come up with, in order of our preference.
    1) Taking AZ 28 and 281 to I-90 to avoid Blewit Pass, then taking I-82 to US 97, then over the low pass there. Then US 97 south to Weed, CA and I-5. I-5 then south to CA 4 in Stockton, just to jump over to CA 99 (CA 99 is a much nicer drive than I-5 through the Imperial Valley). At Bakersfield, we would then jump on CA 58 to Barstow, then on I -40 E to Topock, AZ, when we would make a detour north on old 66, and follow that into Flagstaff. Then I-17 south to Phoenix.
    2) taking the Interstates from I-82 in Ellensburg to Salt Lake City, then south to the Kanab turnoff, then south to Flagstaff via Page.
    3) Taking I-90 over to I-5 and taking that all the way down (detour onto CA 99 again), thru LA and onto I 10 (the way I a came down from 'Appletown' last time. (8 Mountain passes on this route, and many of them are hell on Uhauls, and infact, my parents burned the brakes on a fully loaded uhaul going down Siskyous!) We really really want to avoid those, but this is the most familiar route.

    I thought of jumping over to US 395 at Kalamath Falls, but I have never been along that part of the state (and Devils Pass south of Reno doesn't look too tempting).

    If anyone has any insights as to services or road conditions of US 97 (services, condition of the actual roadway, etc.) or any comments on the routes, please, reply. THANKS!

  2. Default Suggestions

    If you do use I-40/Old 66, then go south from Ash Fork to Prescott on SR89, then to Phoenix on SR69 and I-17. This avoids 11 mile hill between SR79 and Flagstaff on I-17) which is a tough, long downgrade. There would then be no significant grades except for Sunset Point to Black Canyon City (which is bad enough).

    I would use the Salt Lake City route myself -- I think you'll like it. ob

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    RoadTripper Brad Guest

    Default Aye

    Thanks for the advice about bypassing Flagstaff on 17, but on the interstates via Salt Lake, have you driven that before? Are there many steep climbs? How are the services?

  4. Default Don't remember any

    It's been awhile since I've driven that stretch, but I do not remember any serious grades on I-15 or US89 through Utah. No doubt there are ups and downs, but I don't think you're going to find anything major -- perhaps someone else has better knowledge...

    Services are frequent as exits. No problems there.

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    RoadTripper Brad Guest

    Default Anyone with other input?

    Is there anyone out there with more input?

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