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  1. Default Cincinnati to Seattle and back

    Sometime around 4th of July my girlfriend and I will be heading on our great american roadtrip. So far this is what it looks like:

    Minn/St Paul
    Roosevelt Nat'l Park
    Glacier Nat'l Park
    Twin Falls
    Southern Wyoming (I-80)

    Yes, we are skipping Chicago to save money. I'd love any input or ideas.


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    Default details.

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You look like you could have a good trip laid out. I did notice that you've left out Yosemite and the Tetons, which would typically be a popular stop on a trip like this.

    Otherwise, I'm not sure what kind of input you are looking for and we really don't have enough details to say much more. How long do you have for this trip? What's your budget look like? Where do you plan to stay along the road?

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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    I was wondering - how much time are you allowing for this trip? Looking at the rough plan, I'd say that anything under two weeks to include all of these stops would be pushing it.

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    You're right, sorry to skim the details.

    The trip is look like it will last anywhere from 18 to 25 days. The budget is pretty good. We don't plan on doing too many over-the-top things. We're both really into nature and I guess the "outdoors type." Plan on packing food to save money for awhile. Also, most of this trip is going to be camping. I just bought a book that is a guide to all campgrounds under 10 dollars in the west. We'll be taking a Prius, so gas isn't a major concern.

    I guess I'm just looking for possible unique ideas in any of the places I listed.

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