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    Not sure about this trip. Kinda nervous about it. Leaving on Aug 10 from Minneapolis to Seattle. Need to arrive by Aug 13th. Staying for two nights, then onto Vancouver. Leaving Vancouver early on Aug 17th, going back through Canada to Minneapolis with the intent to be back on Aug 19th?

    Possible? Not possible? Never done this route before...never driven in Canada either, but I want to try something different. I really wanna see the Canadian Rockies on the way back, even if it's just driving through...

    Oh yeah, and stopping isn't that important (other then for necessary stops)...
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    Doing this trip direct in 3 days won't be too hard, but I think you may have problems trying to make it back through Canada at that speed.

    The Trans-Canada highway would probably be the fastest route back via Canada, but even that isn't a freeway for much of its distance. So while in the US, you'd be looking at 75 mph Speed Limits, much of your trip back through Canada will have a 90 or 100 km/h limit (55-62 mph).

    You'll also notice on the map that the Trans-Canada highway would really detour you quite a ways north, via Calgary and the like. There are other roads you can take, but speaking from experience, they are going to be much slower 2 lane roads.

    3 Days is pretty much at the top end of how fast you can make this 1800 mile trip on a fast and direct Interstate path, I think you will have trouble fitting the Canadian detour into this schedule.

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    I found an extra day...

    Right now, I'd have 4 days to the trip from Vancouver back to Minneapolis. Going to go to Calgary, and then from there south to Montana and then back on the freeways that way...would that work any better?

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