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    Hi, this summer im thinking of driving out to my dads house outside of Los Angeles and getting a job out there for a while. I live right outside Washington DC and am a little floored by the prospect of driving across the country solo. Last October I drove from here Las Vegas with a friend but we split the driving and used his Tom-tom gps thing. Anyways I was looking for any tips that will make it a little easier on me. Im not trying to stay in a motel or anything more then once wheres a good place to stop and get a beer? For whenever else I get tired I was wondering if its safe to sleep in youre car at places like truckstops?

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    How many days do you plan on spending on the road? This is the kind of trip that we'd really recommend 5 days for, especially if you are traveling solo. Yes, you can usually sleep in your car at truck stops, and its one of the safer places you can sleep in a car. However, because of the length of this trip, and since you want to stop in towns along the way to get a beer at night, you might want to look into spending more than one night in a motel.

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