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    Default Tips to travel from Las Vegas to Los Angeles

    Dear Friends, this is my first post in Roadtrip America.

    I'm from Brazil and i'm going to Las Vegas with my wife.

    We will arrive in december 5th and will stay until december 11th.

    I'll rent a car and i'm planning to visit Los Angeles. A quick visit.

    If i leave Las Vegas at morning (like 7am), can i arrive at Los Angeles at noon?

    Can you give me some tips about this trip?

    What cities you recomend that i stop in the way to Los Angeles?

    Thanks in advance and, if you have any question about trips in Brazil, sent it to me.

    Eduardo Telles

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'd say your time estimate is about right for the trip, depending up traffic and what part of LA you are heading too.

    I'd say Baker and Barstow are my favorite 2 little stops along the way, but there a quite a few options, especially once you get down to I-10. Although, if you're looking to complete the trip in 5 hours, you aren't going to have much time to stop.

    Thousands of people make the trip from LA to Vegas, and vice versa, every day, and so the topic has come up quite a few times. I'd try searching the forum with words like I-15 and you should come up with some more specific ideas.

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    Theres a nice outlet mall in barstow too, but from l.a. to vegas you can def do that well under 5 hours

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    Thanks Michael and ew612.
    I'm not sure if i'll go or not to LA.
    Can you suggest places that i can visit from LV? I'd like to make quick trips (3 hours or less).
    Eduardo Telles.

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